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Three years before that (1941) Kay and Julia are still ...

] If you go to the cinema, midway through a film, you watch the second half first, don't you?

Viv's younger brother Duncan, a gay man made to feel ashamed of his orientation, has been in prison and is sought out by his ex-cell-mate, Robert Fraser, who served time as a conscientious objector and is now concerned for the young man's welfare.

Viv encounters Kay Langrish, a wealthy, reclusive, butch lesbian and for both women this evokes memories of the period three years earlier (1944) when Kay was an heroic ambulance driver in a happy, loving relationship with Helen -- before Kay introduced her to her ex-lover Julia.

The atmosphere is dark and sensual, the music is mesmerizing, and the performances are riveting.

And Richard Madeley, 61, continued his hilarious broadcasting ways after he referred to his daughter Chloe, 30, as 'an accident' during a segment on the new craze of gender reveal parties for those who are expecting.

So you see how the characters end up, in the story.

What happened to turn them into the people they became? See more » The Night Watch employs an unusual narrative structure (presumably duplicated from the novel by Sarah Waters) which begins in 1947, then flashes back not once but twice to show us how the large cast of characters came to arrive at the "end" of the story.

In recent years he has turned his hand to art and changed his surname from Bronson to Salvador in tribute to the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

He first struck up a relationship with Miss Williamson - who also had roles in Emmerdale and Hollyoaks - back in 2013 after they started writing to one another.

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Her activities are an escape from a home where her parents always fight, and a rebellious, ...

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