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Even though the example cursor variable is defined, the record can not use it because the cursor variable return type is not defined.

The example below attempts to create a cursor %rowtype variable for processing.

But what happens when a cursor variable is defined with a SQL statement but returns unexpected values?

Below is an example of defining a cursor variable of one type and the record as another.

Before assigning a cursor variable, a cursor type must be defined.

type author_cursor is ref cursor; This "REF CURSOR" is a weak typed cursor variable because it does not define the datatype the cursor will return. type author_cursor is ref cursor returning author%rowtype; By strongly typing the cursor variable, you define what the cursor can return.

REF Cursors A REF CURSOR or cursor variable is just a reference or a handle to a static cursor.The cursor variable can also be returned by a function and assigned to another variable.The ref cursor variable is not a cursor, but a variable that points to a cursor.By changing the definition of the cursor type to a strongly typed definition, the compiler will catch this error when the code is compiled.SQL declare 2 type auth_cursor is ref cursor 3 return book%rowtype; 4 c1 auth_cursor; 5 r_c1 author%rowtype; 6 begin 7 open c1 for select * from book; 8 fetch c1 into r_c1; 9 close c1; 10 end; 11 / fetch c1 into r_c1; * ERROR at line 8: ORA-06550: line 8, column 5: PLS-00394: wrong number of values in the INTO list of a FETCH statement ORA-06550: line 8, column 5: PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored Now the compiler catches the error.

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