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If you are from here it is a great place to meet new people and have a great variety of fun activities to choose from. Panama City Live and Laugh is a social group and not a dating site where singles and couples can socialize, meet and make new friends and find fun new places in our beautiful community. we suggest Mafia Monday as your first event with us. There are generally a dozen or so people at the Shrimp Boat in St Andrews every Monday night and is a great opportunity to meet some of your more active members. My recommendation is to rent an apartment somewhere between Via Espana and Calle Uruguay. A furnished apartment will cost roughly 55 dollars per night. They don’t have meters and the price is up for negotiation. There aren’t any real options for beaches close to the city.If you are not fluent in Spanish you will pay more. This is a good place if you want a beach atmosphere.Panama is very Americanized from the fast food chains, the buildings, and the overall feel. Despite the higher levels of English for Latin America.Spanish will open doors with women and will help you navigate, and appear less like a tourist.The Masculine Traveler will break down Panama City so you can have a blast and score with hot Panamanians.Attractiveness of local women: 2/5 Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3.5/5 Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3/5 Logistics: 3/5 Cost: 3/5 English Levels: 2.5/5 The climate is tropical with the average high for the year spanning 93 degrees F.

If you are new to the area, this is a great way to learn the area and meet new people.

Airport to Via Espana/Calle Uruguay: 35-40 dollars Via Espana to the Causeway: 7 dollars Via Espana to Casco Veijo: 7 dollars : You can catch a ferry from the Causeway. The local women run the spectrum from butt ugly to rivaling the quality in Medellin.

Most Panamians are a mix of European, African and Native American.

I know that it is against some peoples morals and things. We both have been talking about this with each other also.

We are mainly just nervous about what people will say and waht they will think of us in the long run.

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