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Presumably the connection between these events is that Chris felt hurt and ostracized by his punishment, leading him to recognize his need for someone who would appreciate him unconditionally.

However, Chris further states that the Love Quest officially began in August 2003, suggesting that he waited six months to actually execute his plans.

It may be further inferred that Chris's unrelenting persistence made it extremely difficult for a woman he liked to get rid of him, short of claiming to have a boyfriend.

In any case, Chris quickly lost nearly all of his confidence in talking to women and developed an irrational hatred of boyfriends, or "JERKS" (i.e., all men everywhere except himself and his father).

is the ongoing, real-life saga of Christian Weston Chandler to obtain a girlfriend.

The stated purpose of the Love Quest is to meet the woman who will be his true love, solve all his problems and bear his daughter, Crystal.

The timing of the incident is also unclear, but Chris has cited 16 September 2004 as the date of his suspension.

By August 2004, Chris had expanded his quest to other Attraction Locations besides PVCC, such as Charlottesville Fashion Square.

In 2005, following Sarah's breakup with Iseli and hookup with William Spicer, he dealt with the situation more openly and publicly in Sonichu #2 - this acceptance perhaps stemmed from his turn to a new object of infatuation - see the Megan section below.) According to Chris, the genesis of the Love Quest proper was his twenty-first birthday, 24 February 2003.

It was here that he attempted a new tactic, inspired by Excel Saga: laying a Red String of Fate across the mall floor.

This inevitably led to a confrontation with mall security, making this Chris's first recorded encounter with the Jerkops.

This occurred somewhere between June 2000 and October 2003.

Sarah is presumably the first woman of any significance to tell the ever-naïve Christian "I have a boyfriend"; Chris was surprised to learn that his childhood gal-pal was romantically involved with Wes Iseli.

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On this date, he was kicked out of his college English class after a dispute with his teacher.

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