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Too many cattle feed upon the grass, and too many fires have burned.Stand shod upon it, for it is coarse and sharp, and the stones cut under the feet.It is not kept, or guarded, or cared for, it no longer keeps men, guards men, cares for men. “ On that sandy day in the past, Gondwana had already been in existence for over 300 million years.At its beginning, when the southern continents had first come together, life was only just conquering the land.People hurry home past him, to places safe from danger.And whether they do not see him there in the grass, or whether they fear to halt even a moment, but they do not wake him, they let him be.” (Alan Paton: Cry, The Beloved Country) The first signs of the impending storm came when the subduction to the south ceased. Some see every movement of the Earth as a sign of a plume-driven hot spot. The Earth itself is ambivalent; it doesn’t always show its hand.The air is hot and dry and even the river cannot still the sand.

Eruption after eruption formed sheet on top of sheet, each 10 meter thick, until the whole pile reached a mile depth.

Her research broadly cuts across multiple areas in modeling and analysis of climate and the hydrological cycle including land-atmosphere interactions, orographic processes, monsoon climate, climate extremes, land surface processes, and aerosol-cloud interactions.

Ruby Leung is a Laboratory Fellow at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and an Affiliate Scientist at National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Her research on climate change impacts has been featured in Science, Popular Science, Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, and many major newspapers. Leung is the Chief Scientist of Department of Energy Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy (ACME).

She has organized key workshops sponsored by DOE, NSF, NOAA, and NASA, and served on advisory panels and NRC committee that define future priorities in climate modeling, hydroclimate, and water cycle research.

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Keep it, guard it, care for it, for it keeps men, guards men, cares for men. Where you stand the grass is rich and matted, you cannot see the soil. They fall to the valley below, and falling, change their nature.

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