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Not just because of his preternaturally athletic voice, but because of their narrative momentum."In Dreams" is a perfect example: in contrast to the rigid structure of most pop music, the song moves forward, unfolding new sections rather than returning to old ones.We recently assembled the greatest love songs of all time, but let's face it: while love has inspired some great songs, the majority of classics come from a darker place.Our rules this time were simple: a breakup song can be vengeful, dignified, devastated, or whatever else, as long as the lyrics make explicit reference to a relationship that is ending or has ended.

(Weirdly, he actually started sounding younger as he aged.) — 24.Nancy Sinatra, "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" Encouraged by Lee Hazlewood to sing the song as if she were a sixteen-year-old girl brushing off the advances of a forty-year-old man, Sinatra delivers an empowering "step off" message with a fresh, snappy attitude. The most sway-able of our picks, "Where Did Our Love Go" was The Supremes' first #1 hit, and deservedly so.The lyrics may be begging and needy, but Diana Ross is such a diva that she can even makes groveling sound badass.A work of exhausted beauty, it's best listened to on repeat accompanied by a bottle of red and a good cry. The Beatles, "For No One" Among Paul Mc Cartney breakup songs, conventional wisdom would give the edge to "Yesterday." But while "Yesterday" is certainly beautiful, with its sweeping strings and simple lyrics, it's more adolescent in its mood than the brutally adult "For No One." Here, Mc Cartney strips out all sentiment in favor of a crisp, hard-headed look at the end of a relationship. "Yesterday" feels speculative, and Mc Cartney wrote it when he and Jane Asher were still happily together; "For No One," written while they were breaking up, could only have been written by someone who'd been there. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, "The Tracks of My Tears" Smokey Robinson's gossamer vocals are downright angelic on this song: his voice is so pure, and his pain so impossibly transparent, it's like looking through a beautiful window into a house destroyed by fire. In a perfect expression of rejection and bitterness, Dylan fills this song with slow burns like "I once loved a woman, a child I'm told/ I give her my heart but she wanted my soul," and of course, that final punch to the stomach, "You could have done better but I don't mind/ You just kinda wasted my precious time/ But don't think twice, it's all right." There's really no better song to listen to when you're hurt but don't want to hurt your pride.The song's dynamic shifts have a lot to do with its success as well: as the restrained verse accelerates into that skyrocketing chorus, the strings swell, the drums crash, and Smokey's voice wavers above it all, sounding, well, like an angel.

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It's one man with his arm around his friend at the back of the bar, letting him know that he's better off, even if they both know he doesn't really mean it. The Temptations, "I Wish It Would Rain" While "I Wish It Would Rain" is about a man hoping for inclement weather to hide his tears because "a man ain't supposed to cry," I suggest ignoring that somewhat dated sentiment and thinking about those gloriously self-absorbed days we all have after a breakup, when we wish the rest of the world would feel as dismal as we do.

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