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Chanel has finally told Avi they can't keep having sex, but Avi thinks Chanel needs to be reminded just what she is giving up, as Avi begins kisses and caressing Chanel's perfect round breasts and wet, hot pussy.

Chanel can't argue with this very effective display of lust and works Avi's folds with fingers and mouth, driving her to multiple orgasms.

Maybe if they get caught kissing they'll get grounded.

Things quickly become awkward and frustrating for the young employee.

Having a taboo to break entices them to be even nastier.

They make out passionately as they strip each other's clothes off.

Picking it up, they see a picture from their respective moms together.

Did their moms get married without telling their daughters? They might be to blame but hey, at least they'll be able to sneak away during family get-togethers for secret make-out sessions.

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