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Rouhani said: 'Why are you showing hostility towards the people of Syria and Iraq?Why are you strengthening ISIS and leaving the peoples of the region with them?People more powerful than you have been unable to do anything against the Iranian people,' Rouhani said.'The United States and their allies have mobilised all their capabilities against us and achieved nothing.'Rouhani appeared to be alluding to the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88, in which revolutionary Iran successfully resisted an invasion by Saddam Hussein's regime supported by Gulf Arab and Western governments.His comments came after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accused Iran of delivering missiles to Yemeni rebels for use against targets in the kingdom that he described as 'direct military aggression.'Iran strongly denied supplying any missiles to the rebels saying that it would have been impossible to do so in any case in the face of a Saudi-led air and sea blockade.

His resignation has thrust Lebanon back onto the front line of the Middle East's most biting rivalry, pitting a mostly Sunni bloc led by Saudi Arabia and including the UAE against Shiite Iran and its allies. Yesterday Iran warned Saudi Arabia they face the might of the Islamic republic if they continue to make war threats.

Saudi Arabia has ordered all of its citizens to leave Yemen after Iran accused the kingdom of orchestrating hostilities in the country.

The warning from Riyadh also asked nationals not to travel to Lebanon from anywhere in the world.

An official source said the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the warning, telling those in Yemen to leave 'as soon as possible' due to 'situations in the Republic of Lebanon'.'The Kingdom advised all citizens not to travel to Lebanon from any other international destinations,' a statement read, according to Al Arabiya who quoted the Saudi News Agency.

A war of words between the two nations has gone up another level since Saturday, when Riyadh intercepted a ballistic missile over one of its biggest airports on the same day Lebanon's prime minister announced his shock resignation while on a visit to Saudi Arabia.

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The United Nations on Monday reported the Saudi-led coalition had prevented two humanitarian aid flights from flying to the war-torn country.

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