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If you notice an issue, please click the "smiley-face" button in the top corner of the application to tell us what we can do better or what you like.New or improved Features (be sure to review the major feature updates mentioned in the Oct.Of course, you can insert rows with an Excel keyboard shortcut too, if that’s your preference.Hi I found the following example at how to email an Excel range using the mail envelope in Excel VBA.

But because there are so many new file formats in Excel 2007-2016, we shouldn't use code like this that does not specify the File Format parameter.

Here are a few things we're already aware of: Known issues This is the first preview of the next major version, so we expect to see some issues.

You see a lot of old Save As code that does not specify the File Format parameter.

If you’ve used Excel for a while, you have lots of skills that you might assume everyone else shares.

However, based on the Excel questions that I see online, those assumptions are very optimistic!

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Range("A1") & " Yet more text (optional) " & Activesheet.

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