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Besides giving their input on the songs and how best to improve it.There will be a free, full-scale music conference held the next day 10th December, at the Ground Theatre, *SCAPE from 4- pm, where the guests and mentors will be sharing relevant information on demo production, the real world song selection process and the current mandarin market trends.

Demos to be submitted in mp3 format (up to 320kbps).They will stand to win an Exclusive Writer’s contract which is a ticket to continued grooming by mentors at Funkie Monkies Publishing, a chance to work on the theme song for mm2 entertainment’s upcoming movie as well as attractive prizes from beyerdynamic Asia and Klotz.Check out our previous songcamp, please click the links below!Together with their fellow music maker Jim Lim 林倛玉, FM Pop Music School, the training wing of Funkie Monkies has groomed up to at least 500 local melody composers, lyricists as well as music arranger to date.Many of these trainees were subsequently signed as Exclusive writers by the Publishing wing of Funkie Monkies, on top of the steadily increasing number of talents discovered over the years.

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