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And though not quite as many people saw the tweets as those who watched the big game — a whopping 111 million — the tweets were liked and retweeted thousands of times each.

It all started after Sprint aired its Super Bowl commercial, throwing down the gauntlet and challenging Verizon over the airwaves.

In some cases, the logo itself will be changed to something which reflects the change in name.

(For example, if "Mitsubishi" = "three diamonds" then "Mitsuboshi" will have a logo with three diamonds.) Contrast Shoddy Knockoff Product (actually trying to rip people off with names similar to brand names) and Product Placement (when the real product name is used extensively due to an endorsement deal with the company in question).

That spot opens as a man on a beach starts to tell his girlfriend he loves her.You may also find numerous references to "seven minutes" out there in tropeland.Rest assured; seven minutes is actually the median time for an act of human sexual congress. Compare The Loins Sleep Tonight, for when he can't get it up in the first place.On Chinese social media, there are regular flare-ups of outrage or praise about ad campaigns and their depiction of women, including when it comes to marriage.Women are under a lot of pressure to marry in China, where after a certain age they are considered "leftover women." Procter & Gamble skincare SK-II has had successive hit campaigns talking about that issue and encouraging women to find their own path and resist societal and family pressures.

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