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Twoo was launched in 2011 by Massive Media, and quickly grew to be one of the biggest sites in the world in the Personals category (according to a Comscore 2012 report).

Twoo features matchmaking algorithms that connect users to others based on both location and interests.

Most recently, Twoo has partnered with Ok Cupid in the U. More than just a dating or Personals site, Twoo encourages people to join who are also interested in meeting friends.

In fact, one of the categories each user profile includes is relationship status – including those who are married or seeing someone.

After you create your profile you can start exploring other people's.

While the site does state that it is intended for friendship as well as dating, the amount of men I encountered already in relationships or married was a bit surprising, especially when many of them had shirtless pictures or reached out to me knowing I had listed myself as “single.” This sends a signal that maybe these guys aren’t looking to be just “friends.” What sets Twoo apart from the others?

Thus if you are, for example, interested only in men over 30, you just have to apply the appropriate filter.

So far everything may seem pretty much the same as in Badoo or Tinder, but Twoo also incorporates another interesting feature: the popularity meter.

To start using Twoo, you'll need to create an account and share some information about yourself: work, studies, relationship status.

Besides this, as usual for this type of app, you should probably add at least one or two pictures of yourself.

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