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And was there a little Janis Joplin in your look early on? But it wasn’t till after the initial Beatles explosion that you started seeing women come forward as their own songwriters.For Ann and me, it was always more about imitating guys, like Zeppelin and the Stones.Yet jukeboxes all over the country—as well as movie soundtracks—are filled with their anthemic songs, like “Barracuda” and “Straight On.”After talking to her over the phone for a few hours on a recent afternoon—and getting hooked on her infectious laugh, on the optimism her down-to-earth cheerfulness inspired—I found myself wishing there was some way I too could work on something with Nancy Wilson. THE BELIEVER: Is there a single moment—maybe seeing a concert as a kid—that made you say, “All right, that’s it, I’m becoming a musician”?NANCY WILSON: The lightning bolt came out of the heavens and struck Ann and me the first time we saw the Beatles on the My family was living on the marine base in Camp Pendleton, California, and we’d all gathered around the little black-and-white TV at our grandmother’s in La Jolla.

BLVR: There probably weren’t a lot of women rock stars around then, huh?Despite the fact that she’s a rock star, Nancy Wilson has never hogged the spotlight; she’s always shared it with the people she loves most.The prime example: she kicked off her professional career by becoming the lead guitarist in Heart, a band founded by her older sister, Ann, in the mid-’70s.But when you’re a kid and you’re dreaming big, I guess you don’t stop to say, “Wait a second.There’s no way I can do this, not if no other chicks are.” Do I hear some Joni Mitchell in your ’70s stuff?

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I tried to get a job once as a busgirl, clearing and washing dishes; I tried to apply at a gas station, but both times they said, “It’s only a man’s job”! There’s some really great music coming out of that country right now—the Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Neko Case, and Destroyer, to name some of my favorites. There was all kinds of drama surrounding that situation—like, when Ann came back over the border to get home for Christmas, she got the full-on third-degree interrogation and cavity search. Michael didn’t enlist when his number came up, so the Army broke in to his house late at night to get him—which was illegal, as we found out later. It was a free sexuality, without the repression of our parents’ generation. BLVR: Another great movie scene is the one in Sofia Coppola’s where Josh Hartnett struts through the high school to Heart’s song “Magic Man”—and everyone in America who didn’t already have a crush on him got one. ” She sent a rough cut of the movie and I was so impressed by the way she used the song to make a story point that I said, “Go ahead, it’s yours, no charge.” I also gave her permission to use “Crazy on You.” We didn’t have a manager at the time, so I could get away with handing things out for free. So we got to record in a real studio, and then the album came out in 1976.

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