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I asked my Facebook friends if they had any sexist date stories like mine, and within 45 minutes my post garnered more than 10 responses.Apparently, I’m not the only woman to endure such sexism while dating.

Which is not easy to do with first-date jitters and the anticipation of really good mac and cheese. We didn’t message each other for too long before agreeing to meet up for a date, and I traded in my usual pre-screening for the thrill of spontaneity.

One commenter said her date admitted to her he didn’t like tattoos on women, despite having many himself.

Another told me that when she told her date she didn’t like his favorite movie, he said he’d slap her if she weren’t so pretty.

It’s up to our society to teach our young men better.

It’s up to men to educate themselves better and open their eyes.

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